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So, what does it include?!

(we're so glad you asked! click the headings below for all the details!)


  • Do you feel spiritually stale and need something to reset, revive, and refresh your spirit?
  • Are you looking for relevant biblical teaching, practical takeaways, and a community of women to do it with?
  • Are you looking to go deeper, hear clearer, and walk closer with God than ever before?
  • Do you see other people getting revelations from scripture and wish you could do the same?


  • Have you stopped dreaming about the future because you’ve been in survival mode (and just trying to make it through the day without cussing strangers out)?
  • Are you sick of feeling stagnant and want to get your groove back?
  • Are you ready to break the cycles of comparison and competition so you can live confidently?
  • Are you ready to discover who God called you to be and meet people who can help you get there? 
  • Do you want practical tools to make progress towards your goals (so you can actually see that cute vision board come to life)?  
  • Do you feel like there’s something significant on the inside of you but you have no idea how to get it out?
  • Do you find yourself putting off the things that can help you progress towards your goals, only to become overwhelmed by the fact that you put them off?


  • Have you been searching for friendships that are authentic, enthusiastic, and will actually be there when you need them?
  • Are you starting over in an area of your life and need some help navigating the ups and downs and loop-de-loops?
  • Are you tired of meeting new people but not making friends? Are you ready to be part of a community built on authentic faith and friendships?

Join Our Waitlist!

ClubDevotion memberships open the last week of every month. Join the waitlist to be first to know when the Club opens!

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We know this may be a lot of information, but our promise to you is that we're going to take this one step at a time, together. The only thing we can't do for you -- is say yes. But once you take that step? We're in this together. ClubDevotion is one step away. You are one yes away. Meet you there!

Join the Waitlist!

You can join the waitlist by filling out your contact info on the waitlist form or by texting WAITLIST to 323-629-8720 to sign up to join next month! Enrollments open on the last Thursday of every month and close on the 1st of every month. Can't wait for you to join the Club!

Meet Elyse...

Having grown up as a pastor’s kid in Sydney, Australia, Elyse graduated from Hillsong Leadership College, and has ministered globally in both church and secular settings, inspiring people in their lives and challenging them in their faith. But the journey of finding her place and using her voice has had more obstacles than people would know when they first bond with her over coffee or cocktails.

Her experiences of life growing up as a PK led Elyse to write her first book “Confessions of a Church Kid” (currently in discussions to revise and republish in the future), but it was 2017 that forced her into the deep work of healing in the dark places of her heart. It was an abusive marriage and a heartbreaking divorce that forced her to address topics like authenticity, messy lessons, and telling the truth on purpose. Once she found her way out of the fire, she was determined not to let any other woman feel lost in the flames. That’s why Elyse can confidently guide women out of the season they thought would break them, and show them it was a set up for their breakthrough. Why? Because she’s been there. Done that.

Elyse is a firm believer that the human heart has room for both when it comes to our calling, and as a result, she often finds herself in the middle: she’s a media personality and heavily involved in ministry, she speaks for large crowds and coaches in boardrooms, she shares about the heartbreaking and hilarious moments of life. 

Elyse knows that the pain from a broken heart can physically ache, but she also knows the healing that comes from telling her story. She knows the purpose that can come from pain, and that purpose has led her to co-create ClubDevotion, a place where biblical faith meets best friends. It’s a place for content and community, because it doesn’t have to be either/or, it can be both/and… She’s ready to build a community of women who go deep with God, are loyal to each other, and know how to have a good time. And she’s ready for you to join the club too.

Meet Katy...


Katy is originally from Alabama and has been in California for 9 years. She has worked in many different industries from the fashion industry to sleep consulting to full time ministry. Throughout her winding career path, there has always been one commonality - a passion for helping women. And she is determined for women to experience freedom and authentic friendship. 

Her personal story includes finding her identity outside of body image, her voice outside of people-pleasing, and her freedom outside of shame. All of the chapters in her story led her on a search to find real authenticity and sparked a dream to create a space where women felt that they could truly be themselves. She found that most women just needed to hear someone say “me too.” And from her personal experiences and healing she has been able to relate and connect with other women that have navigated their own stories. 

Her dream is for every woman, no matter their past, to be able to find forgiveness and true freedom in Christ. She believes this is done through connecting with God, authentic community, and relatable tools. Her passion is caring for women and creating a space for them to feel safe, seen, and at home. That passion has led her to co-create ClubDevotion, a place where biblical faith meets best friends. It’s a place for content and community. She can’t imagine a better girl gang! And she’s ready for you to join the club too! 

Devotional Bible Plan ($75)

You will receive a monthly Devotional Bible Reading Plan that will include daily scriptures to read, thoughts to consider, and journal prompts to use to dive deeper. 

4 x 60 Minute Weekly Club Meetings

These Club Meetings will be a place for you to build your faith and friendships each week. They will be different each week, but they will include biblical teaching, small groups, coaching, Q+A's, and community building activities. 

 Private Member-Only Group

Who you surround yourself with will determine where you will go. Community is not an added bonus to ClubDevotion, it’s a key component.


ClubDevotion Worship Playlist


You receive access to the official ClubDevotion worship playlist. It’s always being updated with the latest worship and quiet time songs, and will help you quiet your mind, calm your spirit and connect with God.

Daily Texts from Elyse 


Daily texts from Elyse every morning with encouragements, teachings, coaching, and so much more. This is to help you start your day with high hopes and strong faith! 

BONUS - Transformation Toolkit


Complete set of life application resources from Elyse's 6-week Breakthrough Bootcamp! 

OVER $5,200 IN



Being involved in this community brought more of “me” into my life. I found myself again in Jesus and found friendships that helped me grow through this process. From the ugly girl crying, to the praise reports, these key friendships, of ladies I met from this group, have become a staple in my life. The encouragement to press into Gods love, and accountability is unmeasurable. For them, for this, for Elyse and Katy, I am forever humbled and grateful for. From lost to found, with a band of sisters loving Jesus and being real with life’s ups and downs.

I wouldn't be where I am today without the constant encouragement from this community and Elyse's help with finding my voice. I am so grateful God placed this community, Elyse, and Katy in my life. It has encouraged me to be so hopeful for this life and excited for the future. 

Elyse and Katy have created a community that has truly changed me. I honestly thought I would not get too much out of it. I am startled at the true freedom I have experienced through participating in this community. I thought they would only have something for “younger” women. I am so glad I did not let the fear of me being “old” stop me from participating! Truly, they have changed my life!

I love Elyse and this Community!  They have consistently spoken love and God's living word in action through their encouragement, affirmation, shared tears and uplifting laughter. These beautiful and faithful women have journeyed alongside me sharing their life experiences and wisdom. My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude!  

There is no amount of time or money that could take the place of the freedom, peace, hope, and authentic community I now have. For too long I had been hiding and letting fear hold me back from being all that God has for me in this life and with one yes all that changed. 


Join Our Waitlist!

ClubDevotion memberships open the last week of every month. Join the waitlist to be first to know when the Club opens!